Inland Sand™️ Beach Soccer - Fort Collins

Saturday/Sunday Sept 7th/8th, 8am to 11pm

$450 - $600
Inland Sand™️ Beach Soccer - Fort Collins
About this event

This registration if for a designated TEAM of players for the INLAND SAND™️ BEACH SOCCER TOURNAMENT.

Inland Sand™ Beach Soccer Tournament 


The Only Beach Soccer Tournament targeting non-traditional, non-coastal locations in the United States!  




The Inland Sand™️ Beach Soccer Tournament, is a 4 on 4, WITH KEEPERS, sand soccer tournament for youths aged 8 though 80 with divisions based on age, gender, and ability. The Inland Sand™️ Beach Soccer Tournament is the only beach soccer tournament making its way to non-traditional coastal beaches.  basically, we are BRINGING THE BEACH TO YOU!

The tournament is ideal because it is played on a reduced sized field and enables players more opportunities to touch the ball than in regular games. Additionally, more experienced players get to develop their talents, strength, and tactics in a competitive, yet fun, environment. 



Age is determined by the Oldest Member on your team using birth year age groupings. 

Except for our Adult Over 30 division, where all players must be over 30 years of age. 

Co-Ed must have 1 Female on the field at all times


What does the Inland Sand™️Tournament cost?

An entry fee of $450 for youth teams (with a roster of up to 8 players) (U18 and younger), $450 for Adults (roster of up to 8 players) and $600 for OPEN Teams participating for the Cash Prizes, is required and must accompany all entries. You must pay via credit card online. If you need to pay via check, please contact us to make arrangements.


How do I register?

You can register online via our secure server at

Your final roster and waiver with signatures will not be required until the week of the tournament.


How many players are on a team?

Teams will consist of a maximum of eight (8) boys or eight (8) girls, four (4) starters and four (4) substitutes. There are three (3) field players and a designated goalkeeper. Girls/women are permitted to play on a boys/mens team. If sufficient co-ed teams are entered within a particular age and ability level, the tournament will create a co-ed division.

How many games will I play?

All teams will play at least three (3) games, unless the scheduled games are reduced or shortened, due to rain or unforeseen circumstances.

What are the rules of the game?




What’s the scoring point system?

Teams are ranked by the total number of points accumulated through individual games in each round of play.

Win = 6 points
Defensive Shutout = 1 point
Tie = 3 points
Every goal up to three (3) = 1 point
Loss = 0 points
Forfeit = 8 points


What do we get for playing?

All registered players will receive a Inland Sand™ Beach Soccer Commemorative item.  All winners and runners-up will receive commemorative Inland Sand™ Beach Soccer awards.

How can my company become a sponsor of the Inland Sand™ Beach Soccer Tournament?

There are a number of opportunities for individuals or companies who would like to be sponsors.  Please email for further information.


Who is producing the tournament?

Inland Sand™️ Beach Soccer Tournament is being produced by Sand Sports, Inc powered by

Chippers Entertainment Complex
217 Horsetooth Rd
Ft Collins, CO 80525
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Saturday/Sunday Sept 7th/8th, 8am to 11pm
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